Real-time Data Analysis


Why is data analysis important for your business?

Did you know that all online, and many offline, activities leave a digital footprint? That is a lot of data that can be
used in order to improve your business, especially through marketing. In most cases this data comes from various
sources in different formats. Marketing experts need this data to be in one place and structured in a way they can
use to make decisions and strategies. 

Collected data has to be cleansed, standardized, organized and updated regularly in order for it to produce relevant
information. Cleansing, consolidating and analyzing the data is becoming one of the most important  jobs of artificial
intelligence and machine learning today. AI extracts actionable insights to help marketers make better decisions.
AI systems use machine learning to comb data for patterns between marketing indicators and inputs. Machine
learningworks by first identifying a goal and then teaching the computer to model conversions by providing it
with examples of that goal and letting it continue to improve itself with new data until it can predict a conversion.

The benefits of using AI in data analysis


 With data analysis done by artificial intelligence, you get instant insights updated in real time rather than
in days, if not weeks it takes humans to do it. 

 AI is able to process data independently, without human influence, manual errors or hidden agendas. 


 Artificial intelligence systems can uncover patterns in data that would take a person several months to find.


 When it comes to marketing campaigns, AI can tell exactly how your campaigns are performing at any time, 

and what is causing any increase or decrease in performance.

Data summarizing

AI can also summarize collected data and turn it into written articles for example. This way you get a lot of content
produced while saving time. Artificial intelligence can produce draft reports, and this is why it’s quickly becoming
the fastest way to translate data into clear summaries.



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