Natural Language Processing Solutions

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing or NLP refers to the ability of computer programs to understand human speech.
It’s the combination of machine learning, AI and linguistics that gives machines the ability to read and
understand the meaning of human languages. NLP is becoming essential for modern day companies that
want to gain competitive advantage. Moreover, it has also become a vital tool for many functions – from
chatbots and question answering systems to BI and content analytics.
Social media, videos, reviews and emails are just some of the examples of unstructured data that can
actually bring valuable insights to many businesses. NLP tools and techniques help companies process,
analyze and understand these types of data. 


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Information extraction

A major task of Natural Language Processing is the automatic extraction of structured information from unstructured or semi-structured documents. 


These NLP programs can automatically summarize long documents or extract relevant keywords in order to help with information overload.

Question answering

These NLP systems are made to automatically answer questions asked by humans in a natural language. Chatbots are the most popular use of these systems. 


The Benefits of Natural Language Processing

Most of the data being created daily is unstructured. It’s generated from conversations, customer reviews,
social media, etc. In order to get a better understanding of this information and gain insights, organizations
are turning to NLP tools and technology.
Today, natural language processing is based on machine learning methods that are able to simulate what a
human would do in a similar situation. For example, NLP is often used in customer service. The interactions
between customers and companies contain a lot of useful information that can uncover the reasons for
customer discontent.
Natural language processing is also being used for text analytics. These systems can extract different types
of elements from large quantities of text, like location, dates, topics, etc., in order to generate data that can
be used to categorize content in the most precise way. 

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