Machine Learning

Get the right insights from your data for better business decisions

Machine learning algorithms can help you solve immense problems and predict user behavior in ways that will
help your company grow. A lot of companies nowadays are dealing with enormous amounts of data –  web
analytics, customer demographics and behavior, pricing, inventory, etc. Analyzing all this information sometime
seems impossible, especially in large companies that are drowning in data despite having analytics teams. 

This is why the increasing number of companies are turning to machines to analyze the data, make predictions,
learn and adjust based on accuracy of the initial predictions. Machine learning systems that are automated and
scalable can assess and improve business analytic processes with minimal human intervention. 

Machine learning services by Nucleus Group

Natural Language Processing

Effective software programs made with NLP technology are able to understand and analyze human language as it's spoken. Nucleus Group provides customized NLP solutions to perfectly match your business needs.

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Chatbots are made using NLP technology with the goal of conducting natural conversations with people. They are being increasingly used in many different business areas, from sales to information acquisition.

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Real-time Data Analyses

These customized solutions based on machine learning are able to collect and analyze big data and provide valuable insights without delay between data collection and processing.

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Financial Security

Machine learning algorithms can accurately detect fraud as well as dubious activities. Our custom solutions will alert you the moment they identify any suspicious behavior, so your finances will be secure.

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Make smart decisions with AI software customized for your needs

Machine learning and AI in general are the cutting edge topics in computer science and their importance and influence
are predicted to grow in the coming years. Take advantage of this powerful technology and let us develop a custom
AI software solution for your business. 

Nucleus AI professionals have extensive knowledge in machine learning algorithms

Supervised learning

These algorithms predict outcomes based on a set of examples by looking for patterns. 

Unsupervised learning

The purpose of these algorithms is to organize the data in a certain way or describe its structure. 

Reinforcement learning

The machine trains itself using trial and error repeatedly in a specific environment.