Application Development

Turn your ideas into profitable apps with Nucleus Group.


Nucleus Group team of experts has rich background in development of high-performing mobile and web applications
for companies of various sizes and from different business areas. We will listen to your ideas and needs and create
the best app to solve your specific problems and help your business thrive. 


If you need app development experts, you've come to the right place. 

Mobile App Development


Whether you need someone to advise you about the best solution for your business, improve your existing app
or provide you with complete end-to-end mobile app development, you’re in the right place. Nucleus team has
experience in mobile app development services and we will provide you with the best possible solution
based on your requests. 


Android app development

Our custom Android apps meet all client’s requirements. We make this possible by listening to our client’s needs and by learning about the scenarios and key factors included. With the new app concept and the choice of right technology, our experts can develop the best custom Android app for your business.

iOS app development

Nucleus also provides you with full iOS app development services, handling the entire development cycle of the most competitive iOS apps that will skyrocket your business. Whether you need an app to engage your customers or an app to help you run your business, we will provide you with the best custom solution to fit your needs.

App development services by Nucleus Group



Why Nucleus Group?

  • Your goals come first
  • Independent technical advice
  • Only experienced developers
  • Realistic planning
  • Transparent time estimates
  • Effective solutions
  • Our SLA guarantees quality and continuity


Web application development

Nucleus Group developers are experts in providing custom web applications to suit your specific business or customer needs.
We approach each stage of the development process with a clear focus and defined outcomein order to develop the best web app for you.
All you need is an idea of what you need the app to do or achieve and our expert team will deliver.
We will take your concept and develop it into a product that meets your business goals.

Custom app development for your business


8 steps to a custom app


  1. Initial appointment
  2. Brainstorm session
  3. Briefing
  4. Wireframe
  5. Transparent time estimates
  6. Selecting priorities within budget
  7. Planning
  8. Execution

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Want to know how your business can benefit from a custom app?
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About our apps

The right technology

Nucleus Group is an independent organization. We have the expertise for all commonly used systems and technology, including:
SQL, Java, C#, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Android, IOS, Xamarin, Ionic and React Native.

What’s in it for me?

Not yet convinced about the value an app can add to your business? We’re happy to conduct a feasibility assessment. During this session we’ll discuss your goals, your options and your budget. We’ll also draft a transparent business case.

How much does an app cost?

Every project starts off with a preparation phase. This helps us draw up an accurate cost estimate. The preparation phase consists of: briefing, wireframe, time estimate. This phase is an essential part of the process and enables us to optimize your results.