Custom Software Development

Your software should be as unique as your business


All companies are different. Each has its own processes, work flows and ways of doing business. This is exactly why pre-made software doesn’t always work for all companies and rather than trying to find better tools, a lot of companies adjust their business to the software they’ve purchased.

Imagine having a software designed and developed especially for your business and your company. With a custom software like that, you wouldn’t have to change the way you do business and you’d know for sure that it’s working properly for you and your business.

The Nucleus Group developers will make sure your tailor-made software is the perfect fit for your business needs or the needs of your customers. All you need is an idea or a concept, and we’ll do the rest. Our project managers will conduct detailed research and planning so we can make sure we fully understand what kind of custom software is the best for your business. We will then supply you with a transparent overview of planning, costs and documentation and once we identify the right technology, we can start the development process.



Get closer to your clients,
streamline internal processes
and collect valuable information
with our custom apps.

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Web platforms

Exactly the functionality you need,
seamlessly integrated with your
internal systems in the form of a
custom web platform.

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A custom CMS will help you gain
control over complex corporate
content and get insights into your
business performance.

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Feasibility assessment

If you need any information about our software development services or you’re still not convinced you need a custom software, feel free to contact us and schedule a no-strings appointment. We’re happy to conduct a feasibility assessment where we’ll discuss your goals, your options and your budget. We’ll also draft a transparent business case.

The right solution for your business

Our mission is to help you and your company move forward. That is why we’ll discuss your situation and needs extensively during the preparation phase. Our project managers and business consultants will advise you about the most suitable approach and resources to use. We’ll get started as soon as everything is clear.

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Why Nucleus Group?

  • Your goals come first
  • Reliable expertise
  • Extensive advice and guidance
  • Seamless integration with your systems
  • User-friendly applications
  • Our SLA guarantees quality and continuity