About us

Nucleus Group is here for you

At Nucleus Group, we put quality first. Software is not an end in itself: it has to add value to your company.

That is why we only offer tailor-made software solutions and custom expertise. It’s the only way to meet your exact business needs.


Rich software experience

All of our programmers, testers, project managers and business consultants have extensive experience dealing with software projects within a wide variety of dynamic organizations, ranging from big corporates to startups.

This allows us to quickly identify your company’s unique needs and propose pragmatic, proven solutions. Thanks to their diverse experience in different work environments, our experts are able to adapt to your team and your approach in no time.

Investing in expertise and innovation

The strength of our team lies in the expertise of our colleagues. We know their skills, because we’ve trained them ourselves. Moreover, we keep a track record of all of our employees’ achievements. This helps us guarantee consistent quality.

Developments move fast in the world of software. That is why Nucleus constantly invests in the development of its staff. We use various approaches to achieve this, including:

  • weekly knowledge sessions
  • exchange of experiences
  • internal assessments
  • internal training to promote innovation

Personal guidance

Aside from technical experts, Nucleus Group also employs experienced business consultants. This means we don’t just deliver technical products, support and advice, but will adjust our services to meet the needs of your organization.

Our business consultants are there to ensure that every project is realistic and achievable, and that the implementation and outcome of each project is in line with your daily business practices and targets. They’ll focus on things that make a real difference, like streamlining your processes or helping you reach more customers. That way we’ll get you the very best results.

Independent advice

Nucleus Group puts your results first. And we want to keep it that way. That is why we’ve consciously chosen not to align ourselves with software producers or suppliers that could affect our work.

This helps us remain independent, and enables us to provide objective advice about the best technology for your business.